Dear Podcasts, I’m sorry.

Hello. My name is Melissa and I don’t listen to podcasts.

As someone who loves learning new things, is a voracious reader, and considers themselves an intellectual, I really wish I liked podcasts.  Especially for the looks I get when I tell people I don’t listen to podcasts. You’d think I had just said “I kick puppies.” (Which I don’t. I love puppies.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly happy podcasts exist and that others are able to learn from them, I just struggle listening to them. Every once and a while I’m able to set aside time to listen, and I learn all sorts of wonderful things that make me wish I was an auditory learner.

A few weeks ago I listened to an episode of “The Working Songwriter” by Joe Pug featuring John Paul White. It was fantastic! I listened intently while I folded laundry, and then had to re-listen as I was cleaning my closet to really capture what he was saying. I also had to pause so I could write down snippets. It’s usually when I write something down that I remember it.

As I just did a search for “Learning Styles” I was bombarded with many different images and sites which overwhelmed me, so I’ll just say that I’m a visual learner. I do best when reading or writing things down. Even if I don’t go back to what I’ve written down, the simple act of writing it solidifies it in my mind. I’m a hectic note-taker when listening to someone because I need to have words to process the information.

Are there any of you out there like me? Anyone who has overcome this and has the perfect advice for me? Help a sister out in the comments.

My optimistic self has subscribed to a multitude of podcasts on Spotfiy, many of which I will probably never get to, but here’s a few that have me excited that you should check out (titles are linked to Spotify):

The Working Songwriter: As I mentioned before this is hosted by Joe Pug (who is one of my favorite musicians and songwriters) who interviews other artists. Great insights on music, writing, and life.

10 Minute Writer’s Workshop: Quick interviews with various writers. This I’ve been able to jive with lately because it’s so short. I have adopted it as a practice before I sit down to write to listen to an episode and take notes on writing advice.

10% Happier with Dan Harris: My dad introduced me to this book, and this podcast is various interviews with people who strive for happiness in a mindful way.

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