Choosing quiet

Today I chose to eat dinner at my dining room table.

This may seem like a simple choice, or even an obvious one, but it isn’t typical for me if I’m eating alone at home. You see, normally I’m on my couch watching something, or scrolling through my phone while music plays in the background. Perhaps I’m catching up on my Spanish lessons or browsing Netflix for something new when I know I’ll just land on re-watching an old favorite.

Tonight I chose differently. I chose not to turn on music. I chose to not have my phone be my focus.

Instead I read two cards with messages I needed to hear.

Instead I looked up at words I had written on a chalkboard that I’ve let slip from my focus.

Instead I looked around and was thankful for a home I’ve curated.

Instead I looked at photos on my wall of people that I love and appreciate in my life.

Instead I took the time to eat slowly, enjoy my food, and allow it to energize me for what I need to tackle this evening.

Instead I chose to write while this inspiration struck rather than saving the thought for later.

These few little choices centered me in a way I didn’t know I needed. I’ve been feeling unsettled in many ways, and these simple things brought me back to a place I feel more like myself.

Meditation with my eyes closed has never really hit me, but maybe I just need to start meditating with my eyes open. Choosing quiet in places that I love. Surrounding myself with reminders of the gifts in my life.

Tonight I am thankful for this tiny choice that has made a big difference.

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