“The Life You Chose”

As I sat down to write a little more about choices (having just written this post not too long ago) the song The Life You Chose by Jason Isbell came on.

Life is funny how things line up like this, but you have to be paying attention. I hope that’s something I never lose.

The song A Little Bit of Everything by Dawes came on as I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge last fall. There’s a line about a man standing on the bridge, about to jump, when someone starts talking to him about his life.

A couple of weeks ago, while driving in Houston, TX, Oh My Sweet Carolina by Ryan Adams and EmmyLou Harris came on. It mentions Houston, and had gone through the North Carolina airport to get there.

Granted, I made these playlists, but the playing of all three of these songs was completely random. I could have not noticed or paid attention to the lyrics at that time, but each time it hits me as a tiny invitation to pause and be thankful.


I choose to notice. I choose wonder.

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