Caesura // a pause

When I started my “photography company” (a Facebook page and a blog back shortly after college) I ruminated about the name for a long tine.
Ultimately I landed on “Caesura Photography. “

As you well know, I am now a world-renowned photographer and household name….not…but I do miss photography. I no longer want it to be a career, but I want it back in my art. 

For a while in college I wanted to be a photojournalist because obviously that compound word meant I got to be a photographer and a journalist. While this was somewhat true, it wasn’t what I dreamed up in my head and I abandoned that as well.

I love taking pictures. Looking through the lens and seeing it in a way only I can for that moment. Then sharing my discovery with the world. Or right now, just my personal Instagram on occasion and the cloud.

I’m going back through photos I love and moments that inspired me then. And I hope they rustle up some words that are bouncing in my brain. Then I’ll share it with you.

Reading Lisa Congdon’s book, Find Your Artistic Voice, that is geared toward artists, I almost put It down. I felt, for a moment, confined to a not-artist label because I’m a word creator and not a visual creator. I don’t have a color palette I normally use or lines or shapes. So my closed mind had me feeling left out. (Not the fault of Lisa, definitely my limitations on myself.)

Then I thought of what was visually appealing to me, my style. I’m attracted to nature. The details others may not zoom in to see. Capturing moments that are just too beautiful to not pause and appreciate. A sunset that will never streak the sky just like this. Raindrops positioned just so on a window with a backdrop of angry sky. Light caressing a tree and igniting colors that will be different tomorrow, or ten minutes from now.

I pause. I breathe. I fill with air and wonder.

I take time. Gratitude and awe.

Because of a pause.

So I’m pausing in my creative journey. Remembering the intentionality I’ve pushed aside for a while. Still curating, still zooming, still pausing, but not sharing.

That changes now.

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