“A Woman is No Man”

Wow. What a book.

I bought it on Kindle because I’d seen the title somewhere, and there was a sale (I’m a sucker for a good book sale – in person or online).

When I decided to go out to eat lunch alone on Friday at work, I realized I hadn’t brought a book with me. Technology to the rescue. I opened my Kindle app on my phone and downloaded A Woman is No Man by Etaf Rum.

Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

This book follows an Arab-American family living in Brooklyn. Their story is told from the perspectives of three generations of women (one of my favorite ways to tell a story).

I fell in love with these women and was entranced by their story. Their culture and situations are so different than what I experience as a white woman. Though fiction, it feels incredibly real and these stories most likely echo many that have gone untold.

When I got to the end I was sad to part ways with this family. I wanted to know more and follow them for generations to come. I hope Etaf Rum writes more books.

This book is an important one. I highly recommend it.

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