Monday Memoir

This book has been sitting on my shelf for a while. A Book of the Month that sounded interested, but got alphabetized and forgotten.

Monday, January 20th I was, admittedly, looking for a shorter book that I could read in the bath. I picked this up, thinking of the tub as a place where I also leave things behind – stress, anxiety, the dirt of the day.

Quickly I got wrapped up into Erin’s life story. Though I didn’t know anything about her father, a prominent New York Times writer, I was all in.

All That You Leave Behind is a story of family, figuring life out, and the feelings when life is lost. It was my companion at two different restaurants (my apologies to the book for the peanut curry noodle stains you now wear) and sparked a conversation with a new hairstylist about our love of books, especially memoirs.

It takes extreme courage to write your story. And I’m thankful for those that do.

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