the night that just was.

An invitation, in person at the door
“Tonight” they said
Preceded by the question of 
Can we borrow your piano?
“I moved it home yesterday”

Dusk caressed the rooftops
Laughter from next door
Peeks out a kitchen window
Watching the porch become a stage

A night in the final weeks
A chapter coming to a close
Many attempts to capture moments
And feelings

The screen door crashed
Having been
Thrown open with abandon
Like our caps soon would be

No formal seating
But a ladder to the roof
Seemed fitting

The same song on repeat
Different each time
The words soaked into my skin
And seeped into my soul

Deep chords
A guitar plays three notes
Then three more
They’re missed and found
And it was perfect 

There are no pictures
No documentation but folklore
Slightly different with each telling
The feelings remain

An ache of “I need you so much closer”
Felt like foreshadowing
Scattered now
But bound
By the night that just was

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