“Behold the Dreamers”

I remember 2008 because I was getting ready to graduate college. When words started getting thrown around like “recession” and “market crash” all I thought was, “Great, now I’m going to have an even BETTER chance of getting a job with my English degree.” Ah, privilege.

Behold the Dreamers by Imbolo Mbue brought me back to 2008 and told me a whole new story.

This book was one I wanted to keep reading because I cared deeply about the characters, but also didn’t want to continue because I cared deeply about the characters. The Jonga family live in New York City but are immigrants from Africa.

They wrestle with adjusting to American life while supporting family back in Cameroon, employment, parenthood, finances, and married life all while having the dark cloud of deportation hanging over their head at all times.

I was rooting for this family and also afraid to turn the page. I won’t spoil anything for you; you should read for yourself.

A lovely book filled with excellent storytelling, compelling characters, heartbreak, and joy. I wanted the book to go on forever because I fell in love with this family and their dreams. If you decide to pick it up, you probably will too.

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