“Nine Perfect Strangers”

After reading What Alice Forgot and binge watching the two seasons Big Little Lies, I was ready to read whatever Moriarty had. Nine Perfect Strangers had been on my shelf since it came in one of my Book of the Month boxes (I love BOTM and if you’re interested, click here to use my referral code).

For about the first half I was IN. I love when books have different characters narrate and I loved each of their stories. These folks gather for a wellness retreat, each of them coming for their own reasons.

The book took some weird turns I was not expecting…which can be great, and Moriarty is a brilliant writer of unexpected twists, but these ones were a little out there for me. I still loved (most of) the characters through it, but it wasn’t my favorite book.

If I were to assign stars, it’d probably be 3.5/5. Still an interesting read, but I won’t be shouting it from the rooftops like I’ve done with others.

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