“The Great Alone”

This book is best read with a nice fuzzy blanket, like the one pictured above. It’s a story of adventure and love and loss and life.

(Trigger warning for this book: domestic abuse.)

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah starts in the 1970s with a family venturing to start a new life in Alaska. Remote Alaska. In this book you meet wonderfully-written characters with complex stories.

The book centers on Lenora, Leni for short, starting as a 13-year-old on this journey with her mom and dad. I loved her character so much. A sweet kid who loves books and photography, thrown into whatever crazy ideas her dad has next.

Parts of this book I speed-read because I couldn’t stand not knowing what happened next. There are twists and turns and danger, like the Alaskan wilderness.

Hannah does a beautiful job with this book. I cried through a good portion of the end, for many different reasons.

If you’re looking for a longer read (my paperback version clocked in at 545 pages) and want to fall in love with some characters and a setting, pick this book up. It’s wonderful.

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