“A Burning”

Today (6.14) marks three months since I rescued my dog Ella. I also read a lot of this book while she napped next to me, so it felt fitting I feature this photo of the book.

A Burning is Megha Majumdar’s first book. It is told from three perspectives, all of whom are connected to a terrorist attack that kicks off the book. I picked this book for my Book of the Month for a few reasons: a non-white author and it featured a non-white trans woman (Happy Pride Month!).

While reading, I realized it had been over ten years since I’d read a book set in India, and I won’t let it go that long again. The author does a beautiful job of weaving politics, class differences, hope, love, fear, fame, and more into less than 300 pages.

I’m sad that this book just came out because it means I probably won’t get to read another one of her books for a while, but read it I will. What a great debut.

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