“The Girl with the Louding Voice”

Oh how I loved this book. The Girl with the Louding Voice by Abi Daré pulled me in immediately and I couldn’t stop reading.

Our main character, Adunni, is a 14-year-old girl in Nigeria. Her character was beautifully written and I loved watching her grow. The thing she wants most in life is an education, and she’ll do what she needs to in order to achieve that.

Her story is heartbreaking and lovely. The book is brilliant in Adunni’s voice. As she learns and improves her English, so does the writing.

When you pick this book up you will be cheering for Adunni from beginning to end. I’d love to see another book with her as the main character, but I’m also happy with how we leave her at the end. I can’t wait for more books by Abi Daré. I highly recommend this book!

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