“All American Boys”

A friend suggested this book to me when I was looking for books by Black authors. All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiley is a young adult novel that was written in 2015 but is unfortunately still relevant today.

The story centers on Rashad who is a young Black man. While at a convenience store he was accused of stealing and was unjustly beaten to a pulp by a police officer; sound familiar? The book flips between Rashad’s voice, and the voice of Quinn: a young white man who attends the same high school and saw the brutality happen.

What I love about this book is how it grapples with the feelings about atrocities like this from both sides. I can’t speak to the Black experience, but Quinn’s thoughts about racism and privilege mirrored my thoughts at a younger age.

This book is a great read for teens or younger (give it a read first) to help them process what is happening right now in America. I’m glad this book exists for that reason.

On the same post asking for recommendations another friend said “All of Jason Reynolds” and another supported it with “^^^this^^^” so I’ll be looking into more of his books very soon.

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