“The Weight of a Thousand Oceans”

Full disclosure: Jillian Webster is my cousin, but this review is impartial to that.

The Weight of a Thousand Oceans is Jillian Webster‘s second book. I read Scared to Life and LOVED it. It’s memoir of traveling the world and life. I highly recommend it as well, but that’s not what this post is about.

The Weight of a Thousand Oceans is the first in The Forgotten Ones series. It’s the only book currently out, but I’m ready for the next one after reading this book.

It starts out slowly teaching us about the world of the book and the main characters. It was a lot of character development and world building, but I remembered it’s the first book in a series and it got me even more invested.

I quickly fell in love with the main character, Maia, her beloved dog, Huck, and her grandfather. You find out that they’re living in some state of “after” and the world is nothing like the one we know now. Maia dreams of life beyond the small corner of this world she and her grandfather inhabit.

I won’t tell you much more beyond that and ruin the book, but I was hooked. After bringing us into Maia’s world and her hopes, the plot picks up and she’s on an adventure.

Family or not, Jillian is an author I will follow and read whatever she writes. Visit her website here to read an excerpt of this book.

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