“Know My Name”

This book should be required reading.

I remember reading the then-anonymous victim impact statement of the Stanford rape victim and being profoundly moved. It was beautifully written and held so much emotion. After reading I thought “I hope this woman writes a book someday.”

When Know My Name by Chanel Miller was released, I didn’t blink an eye. I didn’t know that this was the woman who wrote such a beautiful piece in such a horrendous time of her life. When I made the connection (read: actually read the description of the book that was getting incredible reviews on Goodreads and beyond) I had to read it.

Not surprising, this book was not an easy read. Miller is an incredible writer, which made reading about what happened to her very difficult. It starts out quickly with the rape, and then details what happened after. It illuminated how awful it is to be in this unthinkable situation where every decision made by the victim is put under the microscope and picked apart. I ached for her as I read this and I had so much rage for her rapist, Brock Turner.

I’m so grateful Chanel told her story. My hope is that it is read by many and it causes real change.

If you have been in a similar situation, this book will likely be triggering. If you have not, I urge you to read this to be informed.

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