“One by One”

As you can see by the last few photos – one of my favorite activities is reading with my dog.

A genre I had never read much of before 2020 was mystery/thriller, but after reading The Last Time I Lied I craved that un-put-down-able book. One by One by Ruth Ware was the next one of those for me.

Though I read this in the fall, I was transported into a winter feeling as this book took place in a ski chalet in France. The characters are brought together for a social media company retreat – what could go wrong, right?

I won’t give you much more than that, but what I loved was: multiple narrators’ perspectives, a slow build but then hooo boy buckle up, and an edge of my seat ride I didn’t want to put down.

Other reviews say it’s not the best of Ware’s books, but this is the only one I’ve read so far. I look forward to more of her stories!

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