“The Midnight Library”

I forget how I first learned about Matt Haig. It was probably from one of the many mental health blogs/accounts I follow when his book Reasons to Stay Alive first came out. He put depression into words I didn’t have at the time and that book was, and still is, a lifeline to me. I’ve read all the books he’s published since then – fiction and non-fiction.

When The Midnight Library was announced I was so excited and it did not disappoint. As someone who used to be paralyzed by “What if…” this book stared into that anxiety and gave it a beautiful story.

The book follows Nora Seed, and we meet her in a place many of us have probably been: having a terrible day and wondering how the choices we’ve made in life ended us up where we are. From there she is taken on a journey in a magical library between life and death where she gets to try out different paths her life could have taken.

It is a lovely read, but I will add a trigger warning of suicide. On Nora’s terrible day she decides she wants to end her life. If you struggle with depression, maybe read this book with a buddy, or save it for one of your good days.

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